One Bright Corner: Blog Book Tour #10

Mikaela and Lauren Cash, of One Bright Corner, are graciously hosting our next stop on the Born to Deliver Blog Book Tour. Here’s what Mikaela says in her review: “I finished the book praising God for His goodness. As I read about God’s miraculous provision in Kathy’s life, I reminisced about those same times in my life. As I rejoiced to see her daughters making wise decisions and learning from their mother’s mistakes, I renewed my resolve to learn from my parents’ life experience and wisdom. And as I marveled at Kathy’s honesty, I realized the importance of transparency in all of our lives and what a ministry that honesty can be. ” Visit One Bright Corner to read the...

Floating Leaf Press: Blog Book Tour #9

A fellow author and friend, Felicia Alvarez, has posted for our next stop of the Born to Deliver blog book tour. Visit Felicia’s website to read more!

Your Sacred Calling: Blog Tour #8

Stacy McDonald reviewed Born to Deliver by telling snippets of her testimony alongside Kathy’s story. There are some remarkable similarities! She says, “I believe that Kathy’s story will be a beacon of light to those who are lost in a sea of sin and guilt, rejection and despair. Her testimony will bring hope and healing to those with a past that still haunts them—those who wonder how in the world they can be used of God after all they’ve done. They’ll discover along with Kathy that God really can do more than they ever dreamed, as they trust Him.” Visit the Your Sacred Calling blog to read...

Bits and Pieces: Blog Tour #7

Kristin, at Bits and Pieces, read and reviewed Born to Deliver for our next stop on the Blog Book Tour. Here’s part of what she shares: I’ve been floundering lately to find a book that holds my interest.  After the string of memoirs I flew through this summer, I hit a wall.  After a real disappointment, I struggled to find anything that was too good to put down.  I never quit reading— I’m always in the middle of something– but I wasn’t reading anything I loved.  When I began this book, though, on a busy, busy Thanksgiving weekend, I couldn’t stop.  The story was riveting! Visit the Bits and Pieces blog to read...

Derby Informer Highlights Born to Deliver

Thanks to the Derby Informer for running a story about the launch of Born to Deliver, the first in the Streams of Mercy series!